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Browser based feed readers

This index is part of a classified guide to RSS news feed readers, cross referenced by platform, type and features. Each profile in this section contains summary details of the feed reader, features, Web links and news feeds.

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Avant Browser
A customised wrapper for the Internet Explorer browser with many additional features including a feed reader.
Deepnet Explorer
A browser with a range of advanced features including an RSS reader, built on top of Internet Explorer.
Firefox live bookmarks store news feed subscriptions and list new items as they are posted. The browser highlights auto-discovery links with a quick-subscription icon on the status bar.
Flock is an adapted version of the Firefox Web browser, which features live bookmarks for news feeds, plus blog posting tools.
Headline-Reader Plugin
A Japanese language feed reader plugin for the Sleipnir Web browser.
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer version 7 will feature an integrated feed reader and support auto-discovery of feeds. With filters to view un-read items, sort by date and title.
A feature-rich wrapper for the Internet Explorer Web browser that includes an RSS reader.
Mozilla Sage
A plugin for Mozilla Firefox that brings more dedicated feed reader features to the browser.
A news feed reader extension for the Mozilla Firefox Web browser, which uses elements of the Mozilla Sage feed reader.
A lightweight, versatile, standards compliant browser with integrated feed reader. Feeds are displayed in split window display, items over summaries, and links open directly in the browser.
RSS Panel
A Firefox Greasemonkey panel that displays any news feed associated with a Web page in a drop down panel.
Version 2 of the popular Mac Web browser introduced an integrated feed reader. The display length of item sumaries can be adjusted with a slider control.
Whizz RSS News Reader
A feed reader toolbar for Mozilla Firefox. Feeds are displayed in a three panel sidebar and links open directly in the browser. Supports drag and drop feed subscription.

Feed reader classification

Web Feed Generator

The Web Feed Generator makes it easy to add an RSS news feed to your Web site; our service profile is a check list of the main features.